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At Clarity Financial Training Ltd we have created this “Mock-Quiz-Expert” assessment tool to test you in CeMAP, CeRER and DiPFA. Get access to over 2,500 questions on our site. Only £25.

Our “Mock-Quiz-Expert” assessment tool has been developed to help students study and perfect their exam technique before they sit their exam. Each mock reflects the same style of exam questions that you will take when you sit your actual exam. We have developed over 2,500 multiple choice based questions on our site and have provided detailed explanations of the answers to help you understand if you go wrong.

CeMAP Mock Quizzes – Only £25
CeRER Mock Quizzes – only £25

DiPFA Mock Quizzes – only £25


+ Why choose Clarity Financial Training Ltd?

Clarity Financial Training Ltd is a LIBF accredited learning support provider who has been providing professional qualification courses for over 15 years. We have combined our expertise and experience to create a resource that we know that works as we have listened to feedback from our students. We have helped thousands of students to successfully pass they exams with confidence and have spent years perfecting our materials and assessment tools. If you like perfection, then we can deliver as our materials and mock questions are updated every year in line with LIBF updates.

+ Why choose our “Mock-Quiz-Expert” exam quiz resource?

At “Mock-Quiz-Expert” we have created an affordable and convenient assessment tool to test you in CeMAP Mocks, CeRER Mocks and DiPFA Mocks. Only £25.00.  Get instant access to All Modules in CeMAP, CeRER and DiPFA by selecting our online tool. We have covered the entire syllabus for each exam creating numerous questions with fully explained answers to ensure that you are tested thoroughly. We create all of our own questions in the same style as your actual exam, plus we give you a full explanation as to why it is the answer. No other training provider for these qualifications offer this service and if they do, they have copied us, as we lead and they follow. The Mock-Quiz-Expert site has been developed by Clarity Financial Training Ltd who is a LIBF accredited learning support provider with over 15 years experience in running financial training courses and creating assessments including our online mocks with detailed answers.

+ How do our mock questions work?

At “Mock-Quiz-Expert” we have created a huge database of online multiple choice questions and answers. Not only do we test you on the entire syllabus, we give clear detailed explanations of the answers at the end of the quiz if you go wrong. Have you ever attempted a quiz and got a question wrong, but didn’t understand why? By using our online mock quiz, we clearly explain the answer reflecting the LIBF explanation.

When you purchase our mocks, the unit quiz will show and you press “Start” to commence. Please note that when you press start you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Copyright Disclaimer. Please make sure you read them before purchase.

Once you have pressed “Start” the first question will show. Each question is shown on the screen and you answer by moving your cursor to select an answer (only one answer can be selected). Once answered you press “Next” to move to the next question or “Prev” if you want to go back to the previous question. You must choose an answer or you cannot proceed to the next question.


At the top of the screen is a timer that will indicate how much time you have left on the quiz.


If you finish the quiz before the timer has run out you can press “Finish” and a box will show. Please note that if you press this to view your answers you cannot go back. If the timer runs out then the quiz will end automatically.

If you answer any questions incorrectly then they are shown at the end of the unit quiz with a clear defined explanation. Please make sure you have enough time to read the explanations.


When you have finished reading your explanations you can commence the next unit and the process will start again. On completion of the final unit a box will be displayed showing your percentage results.  Your results will be emailed to you.

+ How many attempts do I have?

On purchase you can have multiple attempts per purchase for 7 days. Please make sure that you have enough time to complete the quiz and to review the answers after each quiz.  Once you have purchased the quiz it will load up and must be completed within the allocated time or the timer will run out. If you want further resources purchase our Distance learning, live webinar courses or classroom based courses held at Potters Bar (Click here).

+ How much does it cost?

The price is £25. Each purchase will select random questions and will show the answers at the end. Each quiz must be paid for separately.

Note: CeMAP 3 – We have 3 separate mocks that include 6 case studies. These questions will not be randomised. There are 3 mocks to purchase.

+ Which mocks can I purchase?

We have various mocks to select from. We offer quizzes for the following exams:

  • CeMAP 1
  • CeMAP 2
  • CeMAP 3
  • CeRER (Coming soon)
  • DiPFA (Coming soon)
    • FSRE
    • AFAT – Taxation
    • AFAI – Investments
    • AFAP – Protection
    • AFAR – Retirement Planning

+ How does the monthly subscription service work?

We offer a monthly subscription service at £75 per month with a 3 month minimum purchase. Our distance learning support not only gives you access to the questions for this amount of time you also get access to the explainer videos covering the whole syllabus and e-mail support to a dedicated tutor. You also get access to our online calculators including our mortgage, investment, pension and IHT calculators to mention but a few. You also get access to our infographics.

Coming soon – register an interest and get 10% discount once it is launched.

+ Can I buy other resources and support?

Yes, we offer classroom and live webinar courses for those who want to fast track their learning. Full access to the mocks are provided and all the distance learning resources are included as well as a hardcopy of the study materials and full expert tutor led live courses that run from 9.30am to 5pm. Click here to find out more.